JobPointe Dashboard

How It Works

Every business has unique staffing needs, which is why we designed JobPointe to be customizable and easy to use. Whether you manage a construction crew with specific trade skills, a group of artists with specialized talents or a firm where employee certifications are key, you can manage your workforce with just a few clicks on JobPointe.

During the initial set up, our specialists will assist in importing your employee and project data, as well as identify and create custom fields and filters specific to your business.

Build Your Dream Team

Ensure you've assembled the optimal team for every job with employee characteristics that match your business. If you try to assign an employee to a project, and they don't have the right skill set, JobPointe will issue an alert.

Use the built-in markup tools to set notes and reminders, and stop using sticky notes to manage your staff.

Control Your Costs

JobPointe will reduce the amount of time spent cross referencing spreadsheets, white boards and other antiquated employee tracking methods. Your HR staff can get back to human side of resource management.

Additionally, see at a glance the anticipated average cost of a project prior to job assignment.

Communicate With Ease

How much of your time is spent calling, emailing or tracking down employees to notify them of a new project? With the click of a button, JobPointe will alert employees of assignment changes, along with their affected teams and other stake holders.

Manage More Efficiently

Our web-based software is mobile friendly, so your staffing information is available whenever you need it, whether you're on the go or in a meeting. Automated, custom reports make communication with key stakeholders more efficient. JobPointe can also integrate with other business software, such as payroll or scheduling. (Additional development costs may apply.)